television commercials

I have loads of experience working on large multiple set commercials often with substantial set construction. My preferred roles on television commercials are Props Master and On-Set Standby. I am very comfortable working on set and have had many years of experience working concurrently as props master and standby props on just about every television commercial I've worked on.


My people skills are good and I enjoy dealing with all people regardless of rank or status. I take and delegate direction well and do my utmost to get things done efficiently.


I think on my feet and use this effectively on set to quickly resolve unexpected situations.

My experience covers all things art department covering: receiving brief from art director; briefing the art department team; on-set standby (props, set dressing & construction); sourcing dressing and props; set dressing; set building; location assessment; budgeting; returns and reconciling expenses.

I have a relatively good set of tools and a moderate amount of consumables which I use as a standby kit, to dress sets, to fabricate and for small set construction. See my tools & consumables page for the current inventory.