feature films & tv series

My experience Art Directing on Features and Shorts has been on smaller "splinter" sets/locations working exclusively with local crew having little or no film industry experience. The last such role I held was as Art Director for the Mauritania leg of the feature film The Mauritanian.


I have strong on-set standby experience having performed the role in all of the features/shorts where I held the role of Art Director.


I have performed the role of Props Standby on almost every television commercial where I held the role of Props Master.

My knowledge of film set construction is excellent. Furthermore, I have held the role of Construction Standby on a majority of the features where I held the role of Lead Hand Fabricator.

I think on my feet and use this effectively on set to quickly resolve unexpected situations.


My experience covers all things art department covering: receiving brief from art director; briefing the art department team; on-set standby (props, set dressing & construction); sourcing dressing and props; set dressing; set building; location assessment; budgeting; returns and reconciling expenses.


I have a relatively good set of tools and a moderate amount of consumables which I use as a standby kit, to dress sets, to fabricate and for small set construction. See my tools & consumables page for the current inventory.

The Mauritanian
Mad Max - Fury Road
Warrior - Season 2
Lord of War
District 9
10,000 BC
Monster Hunter
Lost Boys - The Thirst
Free Willy - Escape From Pirate's Cove
Scorpion King - Rise of a Warrior
Starship Troopers - Marauder